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Below is a summary of the gear recommendations for TrackFormers. All TrackFormers gear is available from MusicEDU or from our Partner Retailers. If you are interested in purchasing from MusicEDU, open a support ticket and we will soon be in touch with you.

Also, click here to view a video and information regarding the DJ gear you will need.



Pioneer DDJ - WEGO4: The Pioneer Controller is iOS as well as USB compatible. This means it can plug into Apple iPhones/iPads as well as tablets and computers. We have chosen this controller as its set up and ready to work with iPads/iPhones. You can look at other iOS compatible controllers to get a feel for the products available on the market.

Pioneer WEGO4


You may have some already, but if you want your own devoted DJ ones, these are the ones we use in the workshops. They are excellent quality and plenty loud enough for the classroom! 

View Speakers



You may like to get some of the DJ splitters (picture below) so each student can work independently without the controller, just on their iPads/Phones. Please note you would need additional speakers for them to have one-track playing out loud and the other in their headphones.

View DJ Splitter



Technically, you can use any headphones and most students can provide their own (even the bud style will work). In the workshops, we use the authentic DJ headphones. These not only look cool, but flex, so you can have one ear off (listening to the music playing through the speaker) and one ear on (listening and beat-matching the next track).

View Headphones


Finally, you will need RCA cables to go between the controller and the speakers and/or 3.5mm to 3.5mm cables to go between your DJ splitters and speakers. 

View Cables



Separate to the program is the software/app you need for computers and/or devices.

We use the DJAY2 app from Algorridum as it works in iPads, iPhones, Androids and Macs. Students can purchase this individually via the App/Google.

Play stores or the school can purchase and put it onto school devices. The price ranges depending on what device you are using and sometimes they run specials on this in the App store and it's free! In any case, it ranges from a few dollars upwards.

For PC computer users there are many different software options available. Here is a recent review of them:

Most of these will have slightly different looking screens to the screenshots provided in the program; however, all will work with the above controllers via USB and have the basics to get you started with the requirements for the TrackFormers program. If you are going to consider Serato software, the Serato Intro software should be adequate.



The final part is our program, which comprises of the ebook and website resources for each student. The TrackFormers program is now part of the MusicEDU Suite subscription.


If you have a limited budget, you may wish to start the TrackFormers program with students on their devices with the DJAY2 app only. This is possible as the app will simulate everything that a DJ Controller can do. The limitation with devices is that the headphone output is stereo, which means we can't send one track to a speaker and another to headphones. To overcome this, you can purchase a DJ Splitter (different to the one you would use on keyboards). The DJ Splitter will split the stereo output of the device into two mono outputs, therefore allowing one track to go to the speaker and the other to go to headphones.

Here is a picture of how this works:

DJ Splitter

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