Interest in the DJ movement has skyrocketed and students are increasingly interested in mixing their own music, creating their own playlists, mashups and beat-matching. You and your students are going to love it! In the following video, I will take you through the gear you need to get DJing started at your school when using the TrackFormers Program. 

  1. For a list of all the recommended TrackFormers equipment, Click here.
  2. For a list of the DJing gear, keep reading below.
  3. Also, download the gear requirements toward the bottom of this page.

DJ Controller Starter Pack Setup

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DJ Controller Starter PackWhat you will need for MusicEDU DJing

  1. You will need some iPads, iPhones, tablets or computers.
  2. Software: We recommend the Djay2 app by Algoriddim.
  3. DJ Controller: The one we use is suitable to use with iPads, iPhones, computers and Android tablets. Included in the box with the controller are the cables you need to connect to your iPad, computer, or iPhone.
  4. You will also need some DJ headphones. The ones we recommend are actually the DJ headphones that bend and twist so you can have one ear on and one ear off to do DJing like the pros.
  5. One speaker will be needed, but you can have two. The extra cables that you will need to purchase are your RCA cables that go from the controller to the speakers. That will depend if you've got one speaker or two.

The DJ Controller Starter Pack

The best part is we've put together a DJ Starter Pack with everything that you need to get DJing started at your school.
This exciting pack includes:

Pioneer WEGO4 DJ Controller (Black)1 x Pioneer WEGO4 DJ Controller (Black)


Casio DJ Headphones1 x Casio DJ Headphones

1 x JBL Flip III Bluetooth speaker1 x JBL Flip III Bluetooth speaker

1 x 2RCA - Mini Jack cable

1 x 2RCA - Mini Jack cable (plugs the controller into the speaker)


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Download the TrackFormers Equipment Requirements below: