Keyboard EvolutionWhat if you could put your time and energy into delivering your classroom music lessons rather than researching, writing, refining and revising them? What if all your students, from beginner to advanced, were engaged in their music lessons and felt a sense of achievement at the end of every class? What if there was an easy way to incorporate cutting-edge technology into your music lessons without the hours of preparation?

Keyboard Evolution is the solution you've been waiting for. We've put the Keyboard Evolution program together to save your music department time and money. We help you deliver a contemporary music curriculum. Keyboard Evolution is easy to implement, engaging for students of any skill level and we update it every year.


Studio Sessions

With an abundance of technologies constantly emerging, it's no wonder many music teachers feel overwhelmed when trying to integrate technology into the music classroom.

The Studio Sessions program provides your music department with an affordable, current and relevant curriculum that's easy to implement and appealing to your students. Studio Sessions can be implemented on Mac or PC utilising many of the resources you currently have on hand.

With our interactive website and program resources, you can rest easy knowing you are up-to-date, in control of your music technology classes and one step ahead of your students.



The DJ movement has been capturing the enthusiasm and excitement of music students who are increasingly interested in creating their own beats, beat-matching, creating playlists, mashups and mixing their own music. TrackFormers creates a way to bring this art form into the school music program in a fun, manageable and engaging format. TrackFormers is affordable and includes user videos on the website portal, as well as custom beat tracks to get the basics of beatmatching underway.

Equally suitable for in-the-classroom (years 6-9) or for forming a DJ club, TrackFormers is an exciting addition to any music department.



GameComposer was launched in 2017 and is set to transform the middle school classroom. The program takes students on the journey through video game composition and creation from the 1970s to now, as they learn the cultural, social and historical aspects of the genre as well as aural and compositional techniques and analysis skills associated with this hugely popular topic.

Ideal for classroom music (years 8-10), either compulsory or elective. GameComposer is sure to engage students of all levels.


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