Studio Sessions MusicEDU program

For Studio Sessions, you can use

  • Intermediate/Advanced Keyboards with Record function/sequencer.
  • Computers Mac or PC.
  • Garageband for Mac.
  • MixCraft for PC.
  • ACID for PC.
  • Garageband app for iPads/iPhones (Sessions 1-7 only).
  • Roland session mixer provides options to execute practical aspects of the learning in 6 of the 10 Sessions in Studio Sessions. The Roland session mixer is the newer version of JamHub. You can still use JamHub or upgrade to Roland session mixer.
  • Soundation (Sessions 1-7 only) No individual training videos are provided with Soundation.

If you are in need of new equipment, all of the MusicEDU programs' equipment and gear are available from the MusicEDU Shop or from our MusicEDU Partners

Download the Studio Sessions Equipment Requirements below: